13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Choreographer: Petra Hrašćanec
In collaboration with and performed by: Viktoria Bubalo, Ema Crnić, Lara Frgačić, Tessa Ljubić, Ariana Prpić, Una Štalcar Furač
Music: Alen & Nenad Sinkauz
Set and costume designer: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Lighting design: Marino Frankola
Visual identity: Danijel Žeželj
Producer: Tena Bošnjaković
PR: Ivana Sansević
Photographer: Neven Petrović
Video: Neven Petrović
Production: Art Organisation 21:21

In co-production with Pan-Adria network: EN-KNAP, HKD Sušak, KUD Moment, SNG Nova Gorica and Zagreb Dance Centre

With the financial support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, Zagreb City Office for Culture, Kultura Nova Foundation, Slovenian Ministry of Culture and Media, Ljubljana City Office for Culture, Maribor City, Gorica City

TOGETHER is a dance performance for six dancers, choreographed by Petra Hrašćanec, the winner of the best choreography award 2020, given by the Croatian professional associations for dance artists. In this dance piece, the viewers are free to find the meaning by themselves, with music, set and costumes which allow for multiple interpretations. In the research of choreographic settings, the starting point were choral games as a premise of togetherness on the stage, whereas the choreographic material is assembled mostly by fusions which emphasize the kaleidoscopic nature of the happenings on the stage. The starting point in the composition and sound of the performance is the "field recording" of a beehive; through digital manipulation, it opens up the space and creates rhythmic pulsations which merge with the atonal vocalisms of the dancers. With the minimalist set marked by the sharp, clean lines and the use of the choreographic material without a specific function, the viewer's gaze is guided in the desired direction, where perception is closely related to light, performers and music.

Petra Hrašćanec is active in the field of performing arts as a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. Her primary field of interest and education is contemporary dance, whereas her works are characterised by exploration of the body as the reality of performance through different media. Apart from performing her own works, she also performs as an associate member of choreographer Francesco Scavetta’s Wee Company based in Norway. As a choreographer, she creates as a member of the 21:21 arts organisation (as one of the artistic directors) and partner organisation de facto in collaboration with Croatian institutions (Theatre &TD, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb Dance Centre). Since 2013, she has served as a lecturer and a mentor leading the Contemporary Dance Technique programme at the Department of Dance of the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. She is the artistic director of the Monoplay Festival in Zadar since 2009.

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