13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Lo Invisible

Lo Invisible

Created and performed by: Katia Humenyuk & Rolando Salamé
Tehnička podrška / Technical support: Fernando Martínez-Careaga Gómez

Lo Invisible is a dance theatre piece that explores the sensations which mark some of the determining moments in a person's life. The interpreters play with their physical differences and life experiences to show the duality of being, enveloping themselves in its contradictions, successes, desires and fears. The dancers perform a dance of the conscious and the unconscious, of the visible and the invisible, of the forces that take us away from our dreams and submit us, but also of an indomitable nature that reveals itself in something separated from the everyday existence.

Dancer and choreographer Katia Humenyuk is a contemporary dance specialist with the mastery of skills in the circus art, hip-hop and classic dance. She has performed in companies like Fura dels Baus, Instituto Stocos, Erizonte, Dance Off Project and Taddeus Philips. Actor and mime artist Rolando Salamé has developed his career in theatre, dance and mime in various American and European companies. He is currently focused on the work with the companies Perros de otra vida, No bautizados, Proyecto Birth and Edu Azbar.

Katia and Rolando founded No bautizados in 2018 to investigate different scenic languages and create dance pieces that tackle the issues which are important to them as human beings and create opportunities for discussion they consider relevant for the time we are living in. Their work is essentially a theatrically staged contemporary dance that puts across emotions, sensations, experiences and ultimately a story. Through movement and a specific corporeal grammar, they attempt to reveal the nature of things, as if extracting the wild and the primordial from a carefully designed garden. They draw inspiration from different arts such as painting, sculpture and poetry, but also from the life itself, from the everyday. No bautizados have performed at various European festivals and won the first place at the International Bionic Contemporary Dance Festival 2018 and at the Danza en el Camino at Burgos – New York Festival 2020.

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