13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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choreographers and performers: Ricardo Machado, Anna Réti
dramaturge: Márton Debreczeni
light design: Zoltán Nagy
music: The Atomic Eggs
set designer: Pál Körmendy
photographer: Dániel Borovi
costumes: The Atomic Eggs
production manager: Dóra Trifonov
producer: SÍN Culture Centre
production partners: Jelenlét Theatre, Presence Theater

with the support of: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources, Camoes Institute (Budapest), Eötvös10 Community and Cultural Space, SÍN Culture Centre

Point of You is the first artistic collaboration of Ricardo Machado and Anna Réti, a personal and at the same time philosophical game about truth, co-existence, encounters and the possible conflicts of different points of views, parallel realities – game both for the dancers and for the audience. Through ambiguous situations which can be interpreted in different ways or (depending where you are sitting) seen from different angles (“views”) – is this a random collision or a deliberate kick, tears or laughter? – this playful debate wonders in a clever and sensitive way why is it that we always have to be right, and offers an in-depth analysis of how we get lost in our desire to be right.

Anna Réti studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and worked with many choreographers (Josef Nadj, Karine Ponties, Itzik Galili, Conny Janssen, Paulo Ribeiro and many others). Since 2005, Anna has been creating her own pieces, many of which have won awards and recognitions in Hungary and abroad (Inside Out, Home of Cards, Vis-a-vis…). She often collaborates with other artists: Fregoli syndrome (2009) with Claudio Stellato (IT) and Amos Ben Tal (IL); Ego Trip (2014) with Ido Batash (IL); Point of You (2015) with Ricardo Machado (P).

Ricardo Machado has worked as a dancer with many choreographers (A. Bizarro, V. H. Pontes, N. Barros, R. L. Graça, K. Demey, M. Victorino, J. Antunes, M. Rodriguez, M. Morales, O. Roriz, G. Pulleyn, K. Ponties, B. Pacifico, L. Lokta) and created productions Mulher de Vermelho, in collaboration with Raquel Rua (2011); Corrida408 (2013); Como Pedras Fora do Chao, in collaboration with Pedro Salvador (2014); Point of You, in collaboration with Anna Réti (2015) and REI-SOL (2015).

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