13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Three Croatian projects in this year's festival programme

Three Croatian projects in this year's festival programme

Croatian contemporary dance scene will be represented by three projects: The Devil's Garden by David Hernandez, performed by Zagreb Dance Company, where we open a window on a society within a society- a community of women suspended outside of everyday reality. As an American man creating a work for Croatian women, Hernandez took the position of a witness, the point of view of an outsider looking in, and wanted to develop an experience for the public resembling his own experience as a watcher and observer of a world outside his own. This place is a suspended metaphorical zone, existing between the lines of the male patriarchal reality of our world, where different female lives cross and interact. The Devil's Garden will pe performed on Friday, July 21 at 10 pm in Grimani castle.

In a Row is a short dance piece which is the result of Performative Workshop held for the 1st year studenst of the Academy of Dance Art. This 12-day-long workshop focused on group work, common creation of various types of dance materials and the individual variations of those materials. In this 20-minute-long piece, dancers make a mutually dependent group which gradually accumulates and multiplies the dance material, and through various chain reactions changes the rhythm and the direction of the choreography, as well as their mutual relationships. In a Row will be performed on Saturday, July 22 at 9.30 pm in main square.

Event Horizon by Martina Nevistić gives us a glimpse into the surreal world of androgynous beings, which is both very familiar and intimate world at the edge of perception. It stages the link between the micro-cosmos of one unit, one inner world, and other units in their interaction, thus creating a bigger, wider picture of universe. This performance will be held on Saturday, July 22 at 10 pm in loggia.

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