13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Zagreb Dance Company
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23. edition - Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti from the 22nd to 24th July!

23. edition - Dance and non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti from the 22nd to 24th July!

A long-standing tradition obliges us to bring performers who will capture attention with their performances, and during the three days of this year's festival, a selection of such impressive works attracted the attention of the festival's artistic curator Snježana Abramović Milković.

In its 23 years of existence, the San Vincenti Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theater has grown into an exceptional event and entered the international map of dance festivals. For more than two decades, this unique cultural manifestation has been a favorite meeting place of dance experts and lovers of dance art.

The festival is an extremely popular and essential part of the summer cultural offer, with a carefully selected local and international program and hosted by the picturesque San Vincenti, which both us and the audience is always happy to return to.

Fubunation, the London-based dance company of Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada is opening this year’s festival. Their overall mission is to create greater visibility for black culture and represent their dancers in contemporary dance. At the festival, they perform the show "Ruins", which combines forms of contact improvisation with the influences of hip hop and African dance styles. Through movement and visual art, the authors open a dialogue around the myth of masculinity as felt within the pan-African diaspora, deconstructing the power struggle and finding a balance between conflict, vulnerability and dependency, allowing themselves to own and repair the anxieties they have learned to mask so well.

Another big name of the festival is Anton Lachky, a Slovakian choreographer with a Belgian address who impressed the audience at the 2018 festival edition with the performance "Cartoon". This year, he will close the festival with his work "The Others", which once again goes beyond the boundaries of theatrical performance. Designed for children and their families, this is the story of four people living in an unusually isolated world. Through the show as a collective experience, the idea of thinking about the planet and the ecological impact of everything we do in a day runs through. Lachky created a play that turns conversations about the environmental crisis into actions that we as individuals can take in our daily lives.

Alongside them, works from several European countries will be presented at the festival; "Mosaics" by Milan Tomášik and Andreja Rauch, the Italian production "Open drift" by Philippe Kratz and "Waiting for James B." by the French author Helene Tadei-Lawson.

Croatian dance scene will be represented by Ksenija Zec and her work "The Embraces", Matea Bilosnić with the multimedia performance "Klown", and the new cast of the Zagreb Dance Company presenting a showing of a work in progress "Geometry of a Breath", by the renowned Laura Aris Alvarez, Spanish choreographer, dancer and teacher.

See the detailed program of the festival here: SCHEDULE 2022

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