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Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli: Improvisation through physical Awareness

Workshop for professionals / 16th Dance & Non-Verbal Theatre Festival

This workshop take as starting point the technical principles studied during the dance class. Phrases and choreographies from the technical classes are used as base material to awake creativity. The phrases will be decomposed and deconstructed giving to each dancer the possibility to find personal approaches.
The improvisation and movement research sessions are combined with Physical Awareness Exercises, which aim to develop the ability dancers have to consciously direct and keep attention. These types of exercises contribute to develop the capacity to move and focus attention using the five senses.
Physical awareness and its influence in the scenic presence of contemporary dancers was the topic of my Master thesis. After that theoretical investigation, I have been developing games and improvisation exercises in order to help dancers to connect their minds and bodies being fully present while dancing.

Arnulfo is a dance artist, researcher, performer and pedagogue based in Austria. His artistic work constantly experiments with new ways of scenic expression, having strong influence of Physical Awareness as a key-concept to connect mind, body and space while dancing, and specially while developing interdisciplinary collaborations with another types of art. As performer Arnulfo has worked with important European choreographers, such Francesco Scavetta (Norway/Italy), Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla (Colombia/Austria), Rose Breuss (Austria), Stephan Rabl (Austria), Snjezana Abramovic Milkovic (Croatia), Bruno Genty (France). His engagements with these choreographers have taken him to festivals in Europe, South-America, Asia and Africa.
Arnulfo studied Business Administration & Marketing in Colombia. After graduating in 2006, he moved to Linz to study at IDA -Institute Of Dance Arts- Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität where he got a Bachelor degree as Tanzpädagoge in 2009 and a Master degree as zeitgenössischer Bühnentänzer in 2012. In the pedagogical field, Arnulfo is a guest teacher for professional dance companies such Landestheater Linz, Graz Opera House and Divadlo Studio Tanca in Slovakia. From 2010 and until 2014, Arnulfo taught Contemporary Dance Technique and Movement Research at IDA -Institute Of Dance Arts- Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz.

DURATION: 4 days x 2h -> 24.-27.7., 13-15h, Mediterranean Dance Center

*in case of attending 2 workshops (+Guy Nader: Falling & Rolling) the price for both is 800,00 kn

- send an e-mail to: petra@svetvincenatfestival.com
When applying / sending an e-mail, please send the following data:
- name & surname, address, mobile phone number, a short CV.

After we receive your e-mail, we will contact you with all the details!

!!!SPECIAL OFFER - for the first 10 participants! A special price which includes accommodation! Workshops + accommodation* for 5 nights = 190,00 EUR!

*accommodation is organized in a private house within 7km from the center of San Vincenti / possible to rent a bike!

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