13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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MDC - Residency: Dinamo Danza (ES)

MDC - Residency: Dinamo Danza (ES)

FLECHA ROTA - residential stay of Dinamo Danza Company, Spain
Presentation: 6.6., 20h, Mediterranean Dance Center, San Vincenti

Flecha Rota talks about fear and the human capacity to face it in orther to be free. Inspired by the book The Five Rings, by Miyamo Musashi, we focus on the samurai character as a symbol of this inner fight. Like a strategy of fight which is the ability to adapt to the environment, we want to create an open air piece through which we adapt and use each space in which is presented. This process started in 2014, we developed three characters by their movement quality, who build up the physical story. Taking this work behind as the starting point, we want to develop the research with the focus on bringing the work to the open air. Carmen Larraz, Dinamo Danza

After the piece is presented in Zawirowania Choreography Competition 2014. u Poljskoj, and awarded in Jerusalem Dance Week Festival 2015., we have invited Dinamo Danza for a 10-day residency in the space!

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